CASTS taken from the tracks of the most powerful animals in NOrth America

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Full Set of 5 Casts
99.95 USD

Entire set of 5 casts...Grizzly, Black Bear, Polar Bear, Wolf, and Mountain Lion.


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Black Bear Cast
29.95 USD

Large cast taken from the tracks of a black bear along the banks of the Chilkat River in Haines, Alaska.

It was early November and many bears and wolves were feeding on the dying salmon along the shore. Eagles and mountains everywhere!

Polar Bear Cast
34.95 USD

Large cast taken from the tracks along the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada.

A beluga whale had washed ashore and it drew many Polar Bears to the area. See the photo for the scene near where I got the cast. Wild!

Grizzly Bear Cast
34.95 USD

Powerful cast taken from large brown bear (grizzly) tracks along the Chilkat River in Southeast Alaska.

The salmon run was nearing an end and many salmon were washing ashore. This brought the bears, wolves, and eagles out to feast on some major protein before the harsh winter.

Wolf Cast
29.95 USD

Impressive cast from a large wolf taken from tracks along the Chilkat River in Haines, Alaska.

I pulled over my canoe, and there was a garden-like area full of these spectacular predator tracks. Quite a scene as you can see and imagine!

Mountain Lion Cast
29.95 USD

Cast made from the tracks of the elusive mountain lion. The tracks are from a captive lion taken in as an orphan by the caretakers at the famous Sonoran Desert Museum in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. An impressive cat. See the picture below of the beast!