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Animal Track Casts. Bear, Wolf, and Mountain Lion

Premium casts from the tracks of the most powerful animals in North America.

Polar Bear tracks from the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, and Wolf tracks from the shores of the Chilkat River in Southeast Alaska (Haines), and Mountain Lion tracks from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.


The animal track casts can be purchased individually or as a set. Click on the top of the page (animal track casts) or on the icon of the complete set of animal track casts on the top right.


These casts are one of a kind and Authentic Wild is the only organization in the world to offer this powerful complete series.

Wildlife Art as close to the wild as you can get.

We know that any story worth telling is better when there are wolves, bears, or lions involved. We created these animal track casts so you can enjoy and remember your times in the mighty outdoors. Or when you have them displayed in your special room you can remember that the wild is not that far away. 

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Polar Bear

Grizzly Bear

Black Bear


Mountain Lion





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New Children's Book!

"Where's the Bear?" was made in America's Wild and is now being sold throughout the National Parks. Kids find animals hiding in the wild. Made in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Alaska! Check out sample pages by clicking on the book above.

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